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139th church anniversary


Ad/Patron information

And submission form


The $137 Assessment entitles you to one (1) full page ad. Complete one (1) form for each ad or patron list. Please do not exceed the dimensions on the examples so that the ad will not have to be reduced.


Ads are due into the Church Office by the end of Service April 14, 2019 (no exceptions). Ads must be camera ready. ALL ADS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 6 pm.

Ad Prices:


Full Page: $75.00

Half Page: $35.00

Quarter Page: $20.00

Business Card: $15.00

Patrons: $3.00 per Name


Contact Information:


Name: ______________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________


Phone Number: _______________________________________________________


Ad Size (Check one):  Full__Half__Quarter__Business Card__Patron___


Payment Type (Check one):  Cash______Check_______








































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